Riley Sinclaire: A 2007 Honda Ruckus

Riley Sinclaire started life as a stock 2007 Honda Ruckus. I went ahead and changed most of that.


Rocky the Rebel: 1985 Rebel


Speed test - 3.3.2010

I noticed that over the past couple days Riley has actually been getting faster. I’m not sure if it’s because the variator is just starting to get along with the belt or what. So, on my way back from lunch today, I turned the iPhone GPS on (MotionX) and did a little run. I was heading east on Jefferson in Playa Vista. There was some wind at my back, but it’s not like I have a spinnaker to throw out. I hit 45.1 mph at some point between lights. I’ll do some more runs later, but for now, that’s where I’m at.

For the record, these are the performance mods:

Battlescooter Air Intake Kit (basically a filter attached right to the carb)

Kitaco variator

6 gram Zero Speed weights

Blue Clutch springs

Circumsized factory exhaust

38 slow jet

75 main jet