Riley Sinclaire: A 2007 Honda Ruckus

Riley Sinclaire started life as a stock 2007 Honda Ruckus. I went ahead and changed most of that.


Rocky the Rebel: 1985 Rebel


Step 6: rear shock mount

Quick update – I’ve got the shock mount all tacked up now. Almost.

Here’s what I did: I cut off the original mounts, turned the one that the bolt screws into around, drilled a hole in the frame for the bolt to enter (if needed) and welded the mount right to the frame.

It was simple and it looks really clean. I’m going to add another piece for support, but I haven’t cut it out yet. I’m getting to it this weekend.

But, you can see how the rear sits as of now. It’s not pretty yet, but it will be once I shape the mount and clean up the welds and all that.