Riley Sinclaire: A 2007 Honda Ruckus

Riley Sinclaire started life as a stock 2007 Honda Ruckus. I went ahead and changed most of that.


Rocky the Rebel: 1985 Rebel


Step 6.5: rear shock mount (con’t)

I added the other support for the rear shock mount yesterday, cleaned up all remaining brackets and tabs that aren’t needed, checked the clearance and fitting of the carb with the NCY intake and the K&N filter and got a few coats of primer on the wheels.

The mount came out looking pretty great. Of course there is still grinding and shaping and filling to do around all of the not-so-pretty welds of mine, but that will all be done before paint.

I sanded the wheels down, prepped them and the sprayed them with a Dupli-Color primer/filler. They’re ready to be sprayed flat black as of now. I had to opt-out of the powder coating route since the front wheels came with the bearing set in them and the shop doesn’t want to mess with them like that. Weirdos.

On Saturday, I went to the BOWLS opening and picked up a few parts I had ordered from Standard Functions.

They are:

GY6 short axle

GY6 belt

GY6 variator

NGK plug

3’ clear fuel line

FRP front fender

Other parts that came in last week:

PWJDM handle bars (chrome, $25 shipped. raw deal)

Michelin Bopper front tire 120/90-10

K&N filter

NCY Teflon coated intake manifold

Everything but the fender will be installed this week. Frame will be taken to a shop to run some nice welds for the motor mount today or tomorrow… then I’ll put it all together, make sure it runs and then take it all back apart for paint. Not too much longer to go now.

A few visuals for you: